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Programming Contests

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Contact to help with future contests!

WHOHigh School Computer Science Students
WHATSpend 3 hours solving programming problems in teams of 1-3 people with 1 computer using any programming language.
WHERELiving Computer Museum, 2245 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134
Saturday April 26th 8:30am - 2:30pm
$30 per team (up to 3 members), need-based scholarships available. Permission slip is also required for all Attendees (PDF: )
WHYRefine your programming skills while having fun with friends! Great practice for the AP Exam too.
sponsored by and at the Living Computer Museum

Living Computer Museum

Payment: To ensure your space, your $30 payment must be received by Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. Send your Payment along with your school and team name by one of these methods:
- Mail a check to PSCSTA to:
   PSCSTA (Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association)
   4616 25th AVE NE #573
   Seattle, WA 98105
- Online: have someone over 18 use Square cash to send the money to (see - include your team name & school in your email
- If your Advisor approves, they can collect your team's fee and turn them in for you; have you advisor contact when all team payments are in.
- if you apply for a need based scholarship, we will get back to you within a couple days regarding your approval.

Permission Slip: All team members will need to fill out and sign a waiver form before the participate in the competition. This form (PDF located here: ) must be sent in with your payment, mailed to the above address or brought to the competition. No one will be able to participate with out this signed permission slip.  

SCHEDULE 8:30 am Check-in
9:00 am Tech Talk
10:00 am Practice problem
11:00 am Contest begins (3 hours long; lunch provided at noon)
2:15 pm Awards/Raffle

Can you code? Do you want to build up your programming skills? Come discover the fun of speed and accuracy programming by competing!

  • Students compete in teams of 1-3 members.
  • Each team brings 1 computer (1 mouse, 1 monitor, 1 keyboard max) with the team’s choice of development tools (IDE/compiler/programming language) already installed.
  • Students get three hours to complete as many of the supplied programming problems as they can.
  • No pre-coding is allowed. Students should come to the contest prepared to produce all code needed to solve the problems on the spot.
  • Language API documentation may be used during the contest. One page of written notes on file input/output is also allowed. Internet access is not given during the contest.

Practice Problems: Sample questions: December 2012April 2013 (note: the format will not be identical but the style of question will be similar)

Need Special Accommodations? While we can't promise to meet the needs of every special circumstance, we would be happy to try! If you need to borrow a computer for the contest or would like other special accommodations, please don't hesitate to email us and ask.

Awards & Raffle
Teams are scored by total points earned, with time breaking ties (first team to earn the points wins).  The top three teams from each division will win medals for each team member.

Additionally, all students receive 1 raffle ticket for participating in the contest.  Students may earn extra raffle tickets by talking to judges (industry developers, project managers, etc) about their job, work-life balance, career path, etc.

Novice Team Criteria
  1. None of the team members have completed a programming course in school
  2. None of the team members have placed in a previous contest (any division) during that school year
  3. None of the team members have competed in a previous school year's programming contest

How can I help?
  • Interested in judging?
  • Interested in donating prizes?
  • Interested in donating food?
  • Interested in giving a mini-talk (30 mins)?

Contact the PSCSTA Planning Team at with questions!